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Naxion is the WEB 3.0 Infrastructure and Service
As a Public BlockChain Network

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About Naxion


Naxion is a blockchain network tech and WEB 3.0 philosophy for building services, holding assets, transacting and communicating without being controlled by a central authority.
We believe the network for WEB3.0 should have optimal decentralization, stability, higher transaction speed,
and lower gas-fee.
Everything you dream in WEB3.0 comes true with Naxion.

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Persona Wallet supported by Naxion Network
Store all of your crypto and NFTs in one place & Protect
your digital assets with industry-leading security!
Persona Wallet supported by Naxion Network
Store all of your crypto and NFTs
in one place & Protect your digital assets
with industry-leading security!

Naxion Scanner

Naxion Scanner

WEB 3.0 P2E Game Platform


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  • NFT Open Marketplace
  • Free NFT Minting
  • Support realtime on chain

Carbon Asset Exchange

  • Carbon Asset Exchange based on Naxion
  • Support STO & realtime on chain service

Influencer Marketing

  • WEB 3.0 Influencer Marketing Platform
  • Youtube, Tiktok Advertising with reward


  • Platform for building and running DAO
  • Free for starting DAO & making Own Token

Use Cases


Dapps built for the next-generation of finance


Low, fixed fees.
Immutable royalties


Enabling trustworthy and fair carbon markets


Reduce costs and unlock new revenues

Tokenized Assets

Manage and swap assets like never before


Choose Naxion for healthcare

Fraud Mitigation

Reduce costs and product customers


Maintain the lifecycle of credentials

Data Compliance

Log and publicly verify actions

Permissioned Blockchain

Create a private ledger with public trust

Official Channels

Naxion Network Features

Fully Decentralized Public Layer1 Blockchain Mainnet

There is no central authority or system to control Naxion. With complete decentralization, applications on the NAXION can expand the scale of the process of transaction performance and contributes to the structuralization of permanent data service-based economic incentives as the substitute for the centralized server structure. 

Designed for Massive Service

NAXION has applied technologies that are thought to be useful for massive distributed applications, with its main focus points on very low network cost, short development period, security for used applications, and situations where efficient interactions with other applications are important. 

Developed for Multipurpose Service

NAXION is developed as an appropriate blockchain mainnet for multipurpose use environment. As stated earlier, NAXION is not issued as a digital currency but designed for multiple purposes such as data management of various businesses, DID, financial trades, and making NFT. This can be applied for certain business purposes that use data. 

Aimed for the High-performance Service Platform

NAXION aimed to do more work more effectively compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. NAXION has higher efficiency, excellent encryption, decentralization, stability
and low gas-fee. 

Convenient and Simple Network Accessibility

NAXION is developed with users’ convenience and simple accessibility as the top priority. Equipped with the globally most widely-used blockchain networks, interfaces, link specifications, etc. that are familiar to blockchain developers, the network is made so that the developers can access and apply it easily and fast. 

Secure Node Applied

For the connection between the nodes, the security, and verification method are reinforced to reinforce the security of the blockchain, and unverified nodes do not work publically. This is to block the access of ASICS miners that aims only for digital currencies and secure the network speed and stability for nodes that are used for actual businesses. 

Very Low Transaction Gas-fee

NAXION is designed to require very low network cost for block consensus on actual uses. The issue of losing utility function due to an increase in network cost causes issues with the practical vitality of the blockchain network. Projects based on conventional blockchain networks are failing due to excessive network costs. 

Eco-friendly System with maintenance resources

The resource used for the NAXION network operation process is minimized with the utmost effort to lower the environmental effect as much as possible. Efficient work method from the ground level of NAXION minimized consensus method and operation design centered on the actual users allowed it to overcome excessive power consumption and low data process speed that can be seen from competitors. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more beautiful future with blockchain technology and pass it on to our descendants.

Nverse Inc. is a Blockchain Tech Company that develops NAXION Network and it's Eco System.
We provides BaaS, NFT Service and WEB 3.0 Solutions based on Naxion Network.

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